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Tube Ice Machine 5 Tons Per Day

  • PLC automatic control, one-key operation

  • The shape of tube ice is hollow, transparent

  • Ice outer diameter:φ22mm,φ29mm,φ38mm...

  • Suitable for storage and transportation...

Product Details:

Tube Ice Machine/ice production 5000KG Per Day(DTI-2T)

KHAKKA  tube ice machine with high quality, high hygiene standard tube ice making device. Evaporator material

Made of stainless steel SUS304 or stainless steel SUS316L, PE material, the tube ice is odorless and clean, hygienic standard

Accurate to meet international certification requirements.table and reliable performance with low failure rate,

The tube ice machine is equipped with various protections such as low water level, water flow, compressor

high and low pressure, oil pressure, etc.Continuous operation of the fault, maintaining good operation and

stable ice production at an ambient temperature of 5 ° C ~ 40 ° C

Tube Ice Machine Features:

1. The shape of the ice is hollow, the color is transparent, environmentally friendly,

2.no sharp edges and corners, and will not damage the surface of the cold collection.

3. Tube ice length 40mm, outer diameter: φ22mm, φ29mm, φ38mm...

4. Suitable for storage and transportation, applicable to various fields.

5. No need to deal with ice cubes separately.

Technical Parameters:

Ice production
(Tons / 24 hours)
Cooling capacity (KW)7.51522.537.552.571.5107143178214296
Compressor power (HP)5101525305070100120140180
Reducer power (KW)
Pump power (KW)
Ice water consumption
(Kg / hour)
Total power (KW)4.58.512.520.524.537.556.57994.5110140.5
Net weight (KG)720950105015502350350042005680650079509140
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