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Profile of Guangzhou Daka

Guangzhou DAKA Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. (trademark KHAKKA)is a ice maker manufacturer,our factory cover an area of more than 2000 square meters, located in building K,Wangzhitang Industrial Zone,Longxi Road,Liwan District,Guangzhou,China.With refrigeration system technology as the core, DAKA company attaches great importance to product quality, strictly control the selection of raw materials, production process, installation and debugging and strives to produce high-quality, environment-friendly and energy-saving products.

Our brand is KHAKKA and our main products including flake ice machine,tube ice machine,slurry ice machine,ice block machine,cube ice machine,contact plate freezer,cold room,blast freezer room,condensing unit,aluminum tube evaporator and aluminum plate evaporator,etc.

All of our products can be widely used in the fields of aquatic product processing, refrigeration logistics, Marine cold storage, kitchen cold storage, industrial cooling and medical treatment.

We adheres to the concept of "Professional,Concentrate and Excellent", and works with domestic and outside to make common progress!

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Our factory

Our advantages

We Specialized in the production of quick freezing equipment, cold storage unit and ice machine for over 15 years;

Professional refrigeration team, experienced and comprehensive technician;

Professional sales team, online and offline professional salesman, understanding and meeting customers' needs;

Timely after-sales service, supplemented by professional after-sales guidance, dispatched personnel, local dealers and engineers for the timely after-sales service;

Perfect production quality management system, providing customized services according to customers' requirements;

Produce the high quality, energy-saving products, all internationally renowned brand accessories (Refcomp, Copeland, Bitzer, Danfoss, Sanhua, Jiangche and other accessories) PLC automatic control system;

We focuses on strengthening the establishment and development of domestic and foreign dealers, engineering application business network, and more comprehensive service users;

Abundant experience in industry application,we has been serving aquatic product processing, food processing, fishing boat application and other ind ustries for many years, and has accumulated a lot of practical experience.

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