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The Use Of Stable Performance Flake Ice Machine In Seafood Preservation

Feb. 27, 2019

The sliced ice produced by the Stable Performance Flake Ice Machine has low temperature, light weight, dryness and no powder. It is suitable for the preservation of seafood in major supermarkets and stores. The flake ice not only makes the cold collection not dehydrated, but also maintains its original color, and because the flake ice is smooth and non-angular, it will not scratch the skin of the cold collection, ensuring the original flavor of the cold collection, vegetable and seafood transportation. In order to ensure the freshness, a certain amount of flake ice make by 5 Ton Flake Ice Machine also plays the role of preserving freshness. At the same time, in the ocean fishing, because of the characteristics of flake ice, it can maintain relatively long-term freshness with the ice-preserved seafood, which is convenient for the ocean Fishing.

Stable Performance Flake Ice Machine

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