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What Kind Of Ice Making Effect Is Better?

Aug. 30, 2019

Here is a Flake Ice Machine Supplier talking about what kind of ice making effect is better.

The ice machine is divided into Air Cooling Flake Ice Machine and water-cooled ice machine. The ice-making effect is good. Many friends are certainly not very clear about this. The cooling method of the ice-making machine is generally divided into air-cooled condensation and water-cooled condensation, that is, air-cooling and water-cooling. In terms of cooling effect, water cooling is better than air cooling. The following briefly introduces the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two condensation methods.

Water Cooling Flake Ice Machine

Water Cooling Flake Ice Machine

1. Advantages of air-cooled ice machine:

1. No water resources, low operating costs.

2. Easy to install, use, no other supporting equipment, as long as the power is on, it can be put into operation

3. Do not pollute the environment.

4. Small footprint

5. Applicable to areas with severe water shortage or poor water supply.

Second, shortcomings

1. Higher cost investment.

2. The condensing temperature is high, which reduces the operating efficiency of the refrigeration unit.

3. It is not suitable for areas with air pollution and dusty climate.

Third, the advantages of Water Cooling Flake Ice Machine:

1. The condensing temperature of the refrigeration unit is low, and the cooling efficiency is improved.

2. The initial input cost is lower than air cooling and evaporation.

3. Good cooling effect, suitable for medium and large refrigeration systems

Fourth, the shortcomings of water-cooled condenser

1. Consumption of water resources

2. Water spray, some impact on the surrounding environment

3. Need to install water system, water supply system

The ice machine uses different cooling methods and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when purchasing an ice machine, you should choose according to your own conditions to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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