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Flake Ice Machine 0.5T/24h

  1. Ice production 0.5 Ton Per Day

  2. Fresh Water /Salt Water

  3. Air Cooling/Water Cooling

  4. Flake Ice Thickness: 1.5-2.2mm

  5. Refrigerant:  R22 /R404A 

  6. With PLC Controller

Product Details:

Flake Ice Machine 0.5T/24H

KHAKKA commercial ice machines are widely used in supermarket chains, hotels, seafood markets, food processing and vegetable preservation,etc

Ice production from 300kg/d-2500kg/d, which can meet the commercial requirements.

DAKA FREEZER commercial ice machines are equipped with various brands of compressors such as the danfoss/Copeland scroll and the semi-closed piston.

The storage bin made of double-sided stainless steel. Customers can choose integral type or separate type (unit + ice bin) according to the different application.

The flake ice machine can start and stop automatically to make the evaporator mechanical operation system and water suppling circulation system 

coordingation matched and work safely and effictiently under the function of PLC programmable controller.

The whole ice making process is equipped with intelligent computer protection such as water shortage,ice full, high and low pressure alarm, 

phase sequence protection and overload protection etc.

When there is a failure, the PLC stops the unit automatically for protection and displays the status of the indicator light at the input point. 

When the fault is restored, the PLC will start the unit automatically,realizing full automatic control.

Technical Parameters

Cooling capacity3.2kw
Evaporating temp.-20℃
Condensing temp.40℃
Standard water temperature20℃
Power install2.369KW
Condenser fan0.18KW
Reduction gear0.18KW
Water pump0.09KW
Power supply220V/50Hz/1P
Water pressure0.1Mpa-0.5Mpa
Flake ice temp.-5℃
Water consumption0.023 M3/h
Water pipe1/2’
Machine Net Weight280Kg
Machine size1280*800*800mm
Ice bin Dimension(mm)1280*1120*1050mm

KHAKKA commercial flake ice machine(ice production 0.3T/0.5T/1T/1.5/2T/2.5T/24H)

1. Standard cooling method: Air cooling, if need water cooling,it can be customized according to customer requirements.

2. Standard conditions: Ambient temperature 25℃, water inlet temperature 15℃, evaporating temperature -22℃, condensing temperature 40℃.

3. Thickness of the flake ice: 1.5mm-2.2mm,it can be adjustable.

4. The above parameters will be changed subject to the technical invotation without further notice.

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