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How To Properly Select And Use Commercial High Ice Efficiency Flake Ice Machine B?

Mar. 05, 2019

1. When cleaning the High Ice Efficiency Flake Ice Machine, the power should be turned off. It is strictly forbidden to use the water pipe to directly align with the body. Use a neutral detergent to scrub. Do not use acidic or alkaline solvents to clean.

2. The ice machine must unscrew the inlet hose head for two months to clean the inlet valve screen to prevent the sand mud impurities from clogging the water inlet, which causes the water intake to become smaller, resulting in no ice.

3. The Flake Ice Machine must clean the surface of the condenser every two months. If the condensation is poor, the compressor components will be damaged. When cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner, a small brush, etc. to clean the condensed surface oil dust. Do not use a sharp metal tool to clean it to avoid damaging the condenser.

4. The water pipes, sinks, storage refrigerators and protective film of the ice machine should be cleaned every two months.

5. When the ice machine is not in use, it should be cleaned, and the ice mold and the moisture in the box should be dried with a hair dryer, placed in a place free of corrosive gas and ventilated and dry, to avoid open storage.

High Ice Efficiency Flake Ice Machine

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