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Slurry Ice Machine 3T/DAY

1.Fishery production
2.Meat processing
4.Fruit and vegetable preservation
5.Pipe cleaning
6.Cold storage energy engineering 

Product Details:

Seawater slurry ice machine can make ice with seawater into ice water mixture.The ice water mixture consists mainly of tiny ice crystals 

with water ranging from 0.25mm to 0.5mm.Slurry ice into a soft slurry, can completely wrap the product, or even flow into the product, 

cooling speed, preservation effect is good, can make the product for a long time to maintain between -1 degrees to -2 degrees, and ice soft, 

will not hurt the surface of the product.Ice slurry cools more than 3-4 times better than block ice.

The fluidity of ice slurry is very good, which can be extracted and transported by ordinary mud pump, and it is also convenient for storage.

Sea water slurry ice machine  may contact the surface of water are made of anti-corrosive materials, can also be used as an efficient chiller.

The whole slurry ice machine can be installed on the fishing boat to make ice directly with sea water.The produced slurry ice is a mixture of ice 

with water content between 20% and 60%, which can be arbitrarily adjusted.


Slurry Ice Machine 3T/DAY

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