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Flake Ice Machine 4T/24h

  1. Ice production 4 Ton Per Day

  2. Fresh Water /Salt Water

  3. Air Cooling/Water Cooling

  4. Flake Ice Thickness:  1.5-2.2mm

  5. Refrigerant:  R22/R404A 

  6. With PLC Controller

Product Details:

Flake Ice Machine 3T/24H

KHAKKA  industry flake ice machines are mainly used in aquatic processing, chemical pigments, biological pharmacy 

and scientific experiments etc. Ice production from 3t/d to 15t/d which can meet the industrial ice demand.

Advantages of the flake ice machine:

1. The ice machine has high ice efficiency and small loss of cooling capacity.

2. Good quality of the flake ice and is dry and not bonded.

3. The flake ice produced by the flake ice machine is rich in variety, simple in structure 

4. PLC programmable controller of the flake ice machine, with stable performance, random control

5. The flake ice machine is easy to operate, high standard of hygiene

6.The flake ice machine with the perfect fault protection device.

Technical Parameters

Necessory cooling capacity23.2kW
Compressor Cooling capacity28KW
Evaporating temp.-20℃
Condensing temp.40℃
Standard water temperature20℃
Power install18KW
Compressor20HP   18.5KW
Water pump0.09KW
Cooling Tower0.75KW
Power supply380V/50Hz/3P
Water pressure0.1Mpa-0.5Mpa
Water consumption0.21 M3/h
Water pipe1/2’
Machine size1850*1700*1500mm

KHAKKA  medium-size industry flake ice machine (ice production 3T/4T/5T/8T/10T/15T/24H)

1.Standard conditions: Ambient temperature 25℃, water inlet temperature 15℃, evaporating temperature -22℃, condensing temperature 40℃.

2. Thickness of the flake ice: 1.5mm-2.2mm,it can be adjustable.

3. The above parameters will be changed subject to the technical invotation without further notice.

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