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Refcomp Piston Condensing Unit SP4LF100E

  • With Refcomp compressor,efficient and stable

  • Use brand pressure controller, electromagnetic valve...

  • with high and low pressure protection, current protection...

  • The unit is suitable for refrigerant R22,R404a,R507C, etc

  • Suitable for cold storage and quick freezing

Product Details:

DAKA FREEZER professional assembly piston unit, the products are widely used in various types of cold storage, fresh storage,

supermarket freezers, cold water systems, etc .;    

Product Advantages:    

* The semi-hermetic compressor is adopted by the Italian brand Refcomp (Fujian), with stable and efficient performance;    

* Standard oil separator, gas-liquid separator;    

* Using well-known brand pressure controller, solenoid valve, sight glass, filters, pressure gauges and other accessories;    

* FNH series side blowing condenser, designed for Le Beverly compressors match design;    

* The unit is suitable for R22, R404a, R507C, R134a, R23 and other refrigerants;    

* Suitable for freezing and refrigeration applications, easy installation and commissioning;    

Technical Parameters:

Refcomp Piston Condensing Unit SP4LF100E

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