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Guangzhou DAKA Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional refrigeration equipment manufacturers, DAKA FREEZER brand production of Contact Plate freezer, flake ice machine, tube ice machine, block ice machine,cube ice machine,heat pump dryer room and cold storage complete sets of equipment for global aquatic processing, meat processing, offshore fishing , poultry slaughtering, agricultural products processing, supermarkets, chemical dyes, mines, concrete buildings, artificial ski resorts and other industries to provide high-quality, environmentally friendly energy-saving products...

DAKA Refrigeration Equipment

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DAKA Refrigeration Equipment

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DAKA Refrigeration Equipment

DAKA FREEZER is a professional and leading supplier of ice making machines and refrigeration equipment.

DAKA FREEZER focus on the development, production, marketing, installation and repairing services of ice machines.

DAKA FREEZER produce flake ice machines, tube ice machines, block ice machines, cube ice machines, contact plate freezer,cold room,heat pump dryer and the related machine parts.

DAKA FREEZER products are widely applied in aquatic product storage, fruit or vegetable preservation, meat processing, medicine and chemical refrigeration, textile printing and dyeing industry, deep sea fishing, laboratory refrigeration.

DAKA Refrigeration Equipment

DAKA FREEZER  ice machines are widely welcomed by customers from all over the world. 

DAKA FREEZER With advanced technology, modern management, strict quality control, skilled workers and professional services.

DAKA FREEZER have a large aftersale service team,all the technicians are very experienced, they go to different countries to serve our customers.

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