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Which Flake Ice Machine Is Easy To Use?

Nov. 24, 2018

Which Flake Ice Machine is easy to use? There are many manufacturers of ice machines, and the average old manufacturers are basically the same in technology. There is not much difference, but the strength and qualification of different ice machine manufacturers are different. Which ice machine is easy to use, how to choose?

Choose according to the cooling method - which ice machine is easy to use

Ice-making machines are commonly used in air-cooling ice machines and water-cooled ice machines.

Air-cooled ice machine, small footprint, no need for water resources, low operating costs, easy to install and use. It can be used as long as the power is turned on. Air-cooled without water cooling and ice making effect.

Scope: Small ice machines, or areas where water is scarce.

The Water Cooling Flake Ice Machine needs to install a waterway and a water supply system. The initial cost is higher, and the cooling effect is better than the air-cooling effect.

Scope of application, medium and large ice machines, air cooling is recommended in areas where water is scarce.

Choose according to the purpose - which ice machine is easy to use

1. Eat ice machine, choose granule ice machine, tube ice machine.

2, commercial industry, flake ice machine, ice brick machine, tube ice machine.

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