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Application of Flake Ice Machine 0.3T In Supermarket

Nov. 17, 2018

1. All Flake Ice Machine 0.3T with air-cooled units (mainly small tonnage, small floor space, can be directly placed in the store, directly take ice, can not be equipped with ice trucks, convenient and fast, because there is central air-conditioning in the store, the unit operating environment is better, The unit's condensing pressure is relatively stable, and the unit has a long working life.

2, split air-cooled unit (A: air-cooled condenser and the rest of the unit are separated, generally based on medium-sized ice machine. B: air-cooled condenser group, compressor unit, evaporator separate, because of equipment space constraints, Generally based on large ice machines.)

3. All water-cooled units (generally based on large-scale 5T Flake Ice Machine.)

4, split water-cooled unit (generally because of the special constraints of the installation space, the evaporator and the other parts of the unit are separated, mainly for large ice-making units).

Flake Ice Machine 0.3T

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