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Air Cooling Flake Ice Machine Maintenance Cleaning Precautions

Nov. 10, 2018

1, pay attention to the cleaning sequence

Air Cooling Flake Ice Machine manufacturers here to remind you that when cleaning the ice machine, it is not clean where you see it, because many stains or dirt are often hidden in some invisible positions, if these positions are not cleaned up It will cause damage to the ice machine or the ice that is made is not clean, so you must follow the cleaning sequence in the instructions to ensure that the ice machine is clean inside and outside.

2, pay attention to cleaning and disinfection should be carried out separately

Many friends have a misunderstanding about the cleaning of ice machines: cleaning and disinfection are the same. However, such an idea is easy for the ice machine to develop bacteria. Therefore, according to the 1.5mm Flake Ice Machine Manufacturer, it is necessary to pay attention to the separation of cleaning and disinfection. The first thing to do is to clean the dirt of the ice machine and then use it. Disinfectants disinfect the already dried ice machine, a procedure that ensures the cleanliness of the ice.

The above two points mentioned by the manufacturer of the ice machine are mainly for the cleaning of the machine. In addition, the cleaning personnel also need to pay attention to cleaning and disinfecting the protective tools for themselves, because the cleaning agent and disinfection of the ice machine The agents all have a certain degree of cleaning strength, which may cause certain damage to the skin and eyes of the cleaning personnel, so the cleaning personnel should pay attention to their own protection problems.

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