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What is the cause of ice making without ice making?

Oct. 25, 2019

Whether it is tube ice machine or slurry ice machine, there are often cases where ice is not cured.

1. The machine runs but does not produce ice: the water volume of the water tray is not enough or waterless; the speed reducer is faulty or the gear motor system is faulty, ice blockage, dirty blockage, etc.

2. The production of ice is reduced: capillary or expansion valve plug; the system is too high water with a slight ice block; the ice machine condensing system is blocked; the refrigerant is insufficient or leaking; the evaporator is too dirty.

3. The compressor is unstable: the voltage is too low; the contact point is not well contacted; system pressure protection; compressor starter failure; condenser is too dirty, high pressure protection.

4. Ice machine leakage: The water supply to the inlet valve is too large; the connected water pipe is damaged; the pipe clamp is faulty; the water level float valve is faulty.

5. Wet ice borneol is not hard: the ambient temperature is too high, especially in summer; the machine refrigerant that has been repaired is added more; the water supply of the ice machine is too large; the compressor power is insufficient.

6. The noise is too large: the ice machine fan is faulty; the reducer is faulty; the compressor is noisy.

7. Boot report system failure: phase sequence problem; power supply system failure; control board failure.

Eight, water shortage alarm: water supply joint filter plug; water supply pipe plug; inlet valve plug; drain valve leakage; pump failure.

What is the cause of ice making without ice making?

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