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How To Extend The Service Life Of Food Processing Flake Ice Machine?

Jun. 28, 2019

1. The Food Processing Flake Ice Machine should be installed away from the heat source, without direct sunlight, and the ventilation is good. The ambient temperature should not exceed 35 °C to prevent the condenser from dissipating heat and affecting the ice making effect. The floor of the ice machine should be solid and flat, and the ice machine must be level. Otherwise, it will cause no ice and noise during operation. The ice machine is installed and used.

2. The gap between the back and left and right sides of the ice making machine should be no less than 30cm, and the top clearance should be no less than 60cm.

3, the ice machine should use independent power supply, dedicated line power supply and equipped with fuses and leakage protection switches, and must be reliably grounded.

4. The water of the ice machine should conform to the national drinking water standard, and a water filtration device should be installed to filter the impurities in the water to avoid blocking the water pipe and polluting the water tank and the ice mold. And affect the performance of ice making.

5. When cleaning the ice machine, the power should be turned off. It is strictly forbidden to use the water pipe to directly align with the body. Use a neutral detergent to scrub. Do not use acidic or alkaline solvents to clean.

6. The ice machine must unscrew the inlet hose head for two months to clean the inlet valve screen to prevent the sand mud impurities from clogging the water inlet, which causes the water intake to become smaller, resulting in no ice.

Food Processing Flake Ice Machine

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