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Which Size is Suitable for Seafood Markets Flake Ice Machine?

Dec. 19, 2018

Seafood Markets Flake Ice Machine is generally large, generally if a small Nissan 300 kg ice machine can be used, if a slightly larger supermarket may need 500 kg per day, super large supermarkets need 1-2 tons of supermarket seafood ice machine .

According to many years of industry experience, the manufacturer tells you how large the Supermarket Chains Flake Ice Machine. This is a calculation. Your supermarket needs to produce ice machine equipment with a large amount of ice.

Supermarket seafood is generally placed on the ice platform. Generally, a standard ice platform uses about 120-150 kilograms of ice a day. It may be used in summer. If it is a non-standard ice platform, you need to look at the specific size to calculate.

How much is the supermarket seafood ice machine?

Small supermarket: Nissan 300kg supermarket seafood ice machine, 500kg supermarket seafood ice machine.

Medium-sized supermarket: Nissan 500kg supermarket seafood ice machine, 1 ton supermarket seafood ice machine.

Large supermarket: 1 ton - 3 tons supermarket seafood ice machine.

Seafood Markets Flake Ice Machine

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