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Some Message Of Flake Ice Machine

Apr. 02, 2019

Different Seafood Markets Flake Ice Machine mechanisms require different amounts of ice. Here are some of the commonly used ice machines, and how long it takes for them to make one ice.

Fake ice machine is a transparent small square shape. It is mainly used for strict requirements on ice. It must reach the eating environment. Generally, ice is produced in more than 10 minutes.

The Flake Ice Machine is commercially edible and has a transparent cylindrical shape. It takes about 15 minutes to make a single film.

The flake ice machine is mainly used for commercial and industrial use. The ice is in the form of flakes. The thickness of the borneol is about 1.5-2.2mm, and the flake ice machine can be iceed after 1-3 minutes.

Flake Ice Machine mainly used in commercial, industrial, ice-shaped large rectangles, or large ice bricks, respectively, size, 5KG piece, 10KG piece, 20KG piece, maximum 100 kg piece, the smaller the ice block, the more ice time Short, the ice is bigger, the longer the ice is, the ice is 6-8 hours for 30 kg, and the block is for 24 hours for 100KG.

Seafood Markets Flake Ice Machine

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