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Why Should I Add Salt To PLC Controller Flake Ice Machine?

Feb. 16, 2019

The PLC Controller Flake Ice Machine is divided according to the water source, and can be divided into fresh water flake ice machine and sea water flake ice machine. However, the freshwater flake ice machine will also add a certain proportion of salt water, the concentration of which is far lower than that of sea water. The purpose of adding salt is to make the borneol easier to form, improve the quality of the borneol, the borneol size is suitable, more beautiful, and the borneol is more likely to fall off. Protect equipment and consume less electricity. If there is no salt, the flake ice will make a harsh sound.

Press the start/stop button to start the 2T Flake Ice Machine, add salt according to the above salt addition ratio, fill the salt water tank with water and stir evenly, then put the salt water pump into the liquid tube and put it into the salt water tank.

After adding salt, observe the operation of the ice machine, the size of the ice and the quality of the ice. If the ice flakes produced by the ice machine are found to be broken, the ice machine is accompanied by a sharp ice-splitting sound, indicating that the brine is not added to the water tank. A common problem is the presence of air in the inlet and outlet tubes, which affects the accuracy of the metering and salting of the brine pump. At this point, the air inside the tube should be removed. The correct way is to suck the air out of the saline pump outlet tube. When you feel salt water in your mouth, check if the brine pump outlet tube has water droplets. If there is water evenly dripping out to indicate normal, then insert the saline pump outlet tube into the water tank.

PLC Controller Flake Ice Machine?

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