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Buying An Ice Machine To Open An Ice Factory Can Earn Money Or Not?

Sep. 17, 2019

Buying an Ice Machine to open an ice factory can earn money or not? This earning is not determined according to the local demand for ice. There is also the degree of competition for ice demand, the price of ice, the cost of labor, the cost of renting the site, and other costs are inseparable. Let’s calculate it together. The ice machine opened the ice factory to make money.

Ice Machine

Ice Machine

The main markets for Ice Maker: seafood markets, supermarkets, hotels, vegetable markets, food processing plants, chemical plants, and many other places where ice is needed.

If the local demand for ice is relatively large and the market is good, let's calculate that the ice-making factory is not making money and whether it has achieved return on investment.

Take 1 ton piece as an example:

Ice making electricity fee:

1 ton of ice probably needs about 80-100 kWh. The electricity price of each area may be different. The price of the industrial single is subject to 1 yuan of electricity.

Ice cube price:

According to the 25KG piece, the cheapest market competition is 5 yuan a 25KG ice brick, the most expensive can be more than 20 yuan a piece of 25KG ice brick. The specific price is determined by the demand for ice on the day and the market price of ice.

Ice sales profit:

Daily income - (daily ice-making electricity fee + daily labor cost + daily rental fee (monthly factory rental fee / month) + some other cost) = profit.

For example, if you buy a 15 ton ice brick machine, the price is about 30W people, 1 ton of ice is 40 pieces of 25KG ice bricks, and 15 tons is 600 pieces of 25KG ice bricks, calculated by 10 yuan.

Daily income: 600 * 10 yuan = 6000 yuan / day,

Daily electricity fee: 100 degrees / day * 15 = 1500 yuan electricity fee

Labor costs per day: for example, 150 yuan / person (2 people)

Daily venue fee: for example: 300 yuan / day

Other expenses: for example, 200 yuan / day

Profit = daily income - electricity fee - labor fee - venue fee - other expenses = 6000-1500-300-300-200 = 3700 yuan.

Cost recovery: 30W/3700=81 days. According to the above calculation, 30W buys a 15 ton ice brick machine, 25KG piece, at a price of 10 yuan, it takes 2 months and 21 days to recover the cost.

As a whole, as long as the demand for ice in the region is large and the price of ice is reasonable, it is still profitable to buy an ice machine to open an ice factory.

The above is only for your reference, the specific cost, the sales cost of ice is still subject to the local market conditions. The specific profit is calculated by your local cost. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Air Cooling Flake Ice Machine Factory.

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