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Considerations For The Application Of Flake Ice Machine In The Supermarket

Jul. 20, 2019

As a professional Supermarket Chains Flake Ice Machine Supplier, we would like to introduce you some considerations for its application in the supermarket.

1. The fresh stalls in the supermarket usually have a layer of 50~100mm piece of ice on the bottom, and then a circle of ice walls with a height of 50~100mm is built around the booth. The process of stacking ice can be observed: the flake ice must be relatively dry. Since most of the ice storage bins in the supermarket are not equipped with a cooling system, the flake ice cannot be stored in the ice storage bin for too long, otherwise the flake ice is easy to agglomerate. The flake ice melts faster, and the flake ice non-human consumption, which requires the continuous ice production capacity of the Supermarket Chains Flake Ice Machine must be strong, the performance of the flake ice machine must be very stable.

Considerations For The Application Of Flake Ice Machine In The Supermarket

2. The supermarket's business hours are usually 7:00 ~ 22:00, which requires the flake ice machine usually have to run 3 ~ 4H early, store a certain amount of ice, in the normal business hours of the supermarket, the flake ice unit also needs normal operation, constantly Replenishing the consumption of flake ice requires a high degree of accuracy in the stability of the flake unit refrigeration system and the automation system. Nowadays, most of the ice unit refrigeration systems have higher stability levels. The automation system usually adopts PLC control. If the automatic system has deviation, it must be maintained by professional or supplier technicians. The maintenance cycle is too long. Affect the normal business of supermarket fresh.

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