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How To Choose a Flake Ice Machine?

May. 08, 2019

There are many types of Flake Ice Machine, and all kinds of ice machines have their own characteristics in terms of style, brand and price.

The peak season of ice machine sales is midsummer, and the summer season is also the peak season for ice machines. The friends in the restaurant industry, especially the cold drink dessert shop, want to buy an ice machine for themselves to meet the ice demand in the hot summer. .

The ice machine can have many different classifications depending on the characteristics of use, use, etc.

According to the size of the ice machine, it can be easily divided into a small ice machine and a large ice machine.

According to the use occasions, it can be roughly divided into industrial ice machine, commercial ice machine, household ice machine; in detail, it can be divided into supermarket ice machine, hotel kitchen ice machine, milk tea ice machine, bar Ice machine, cold drink shop ice machine, seafood ice machine. Industrial ice machines include cement factory ice machines, chemical ice machines, sea water ice machines, laboratory ice machines, hospital ice machines and so on.

According to the shape of ice produced by the ice machine, the ice machine can be further divided into a cylindrical ice machine, an ice brick machine, a scale ice machine, a block ice machine, a plate ice machine, a snow ice machine and a flake ice machine.

Flake Ice Machine

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