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Flake Ice Machine 5 Tons Characteristics

May. 11, 2019

1, large contact area and rapid cooling

Due to the flat shape of the flakes, it has a larger surface area than other various shapes of the same weight. The larger the contact surface area, the better the ice making effect. For comparison, for example, the minimum surface area of one ton of flake ice is 1579 square meters, and its type of ice, such as tube ice granule ice, can only provide 395 to 1294 square meters, so the ice making effect of Flake Ice Machine 5 Tons is higher than that of tube ice and granule ice. 2 to 5 times. 

2, excellent food preservation

The flakes are dry, soft and have no sharp angles, and can protect the packaged food during the refrigerating packaging process. Its flat shape will minimize the damage to the object being refrigerated.

3, mixed thoroughly

Due to the large surface area of the flakes, the speed of the heat exchange process, the flakes can quickly melt into water, remove heat, and increase the humidity of the mixture.

Flake Ice Machine 5 Tons

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