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Application of Flake Ice Machine 30 Tons In Concrete Mixing Engineering

Jun. 05, 2019

Temperature-controlled concrete is required for large-scale pouring of large hydropower dams, nuclear power, high-speed railways, and high-rise buildings. During the concrete mixing process, the internal volume of the concrete hydration heat is increased, especially when the agitation is carried out under high temperature conditions. In the future maintenance or low temperature environment, the concrete will be caused by thermal expansion and contraction. The internal volume is reduced, and cracks usually occur in this process. Therefore, the initial pouring temperature of the concrete should be low, reaching the limit temperature of the building design unit, thus ensuring the quality of the project. In the construction, the ice water mixing cooling method or the stirring and ice from Flake Ice Machine 30 Tons adding method is used to cool the concrete. The cooling of the ice water mixture means that the addition of flake ice in the pool of the mixed water has reached the temperature of reducing the mixing water; the stirring and adding ice method is to directly reduce the temperature of the concrete by adding flake ice during the stirring process. We have many years of construction experience in the field of concrete cooling. According to different working environments and requirements, we design a concrete sheet ice control system integrating ice making, storage and transportation.

Flake Ice Machine 30 Tons

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