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2019 Guangxue-Daka- RefComp compressor Product Technology Exchange Conference - Conference Report

May. 24, 2019

2019 Guangxue-Daka-RefComp Product Technology Exchange Conference - Conference Report

The Guangxue Daka RefComp  Product Technology Exchange Conference was held on May 22, 2019 in the conference room on the 10th floor of Vienna International Hotel, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City:

The main leaders and guests attending the meeting were:

1. Snowman Company Frozen Products Manager of South China: Mr. Wang Junming

2. Snowman's pre-sales technology: Jiang Tao Manager and Zeng Lingwen Engineer

3. General Manager of Guangzhou Guangxue Company: Mr. Chen Yingyu

4. General Manager of Guangzhou DAKA Company: Mr. Li Huabin

The main contents of the meeting include:

1、RefComp SP piston, SW3L screw series compressor application and selection;

2、RefComp SW5L, SRS series screw compressor introduction and technical application explanation.

meeting venue:

1.、Speech by Manager Wang Junming of Fujian Snowman Company

2.、Manager Li Huabin of Guangzhou Guangxue DAKA Company delivered a speech and gave a detailed introduction to the DAKA products.

3.、Mr. Zeng Lingwen, Engineer of Fujian Snowman Company, explained the application and common faults and maintenance of RefComp SP piston compressor and the application of RefComp SW3L screw compressor and industry application case

4.、Jiang Tao Manager of Fujian Snowman Company explained to RefComp SW5L and SRS screw compressors and technical applications

After the meeting, everyone exchanged ideas and discussed each other, and the meeting achieved perfect success!




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