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The Importance Of The Condenser In 5T Flake Ice Machine

Feb. 13, 2019

According to the application and the characteristics of the ice itself, the 5T Flake Ice Machine is mainly divided into: tube ice, flake ice (fresh water/sea water), block ice, granular ice, plate ice (fresh water/sea water), transparent ice, ice water. No matter which type of ice, it is determined by its characteristics. According to the shape of ice, it can be divided into: scaly ice machine, tube ice machine, snowflake ice machine, ice machine (can be divided into small ice machine and industrial large ice machine), ice machine, ice machine, Ice pellet machine, pellet machine, bullet ice machine, Stable Performance Flake Ice Machine.

The temperature sensor on the condenser works like this. When the temperature on the condenser is too high, the cooling effect of the fan motor is too late to cool. At this time, the temperature felt by the temperature sensor is too high, and the simulation is performed by A/D conversion. The signal is converted into a digital signal, judged by the program, and the command is issued to control whether the relay of the compressor motor is correspondingly controlled, and finally the working state of the compressor is controlled. Any refrigeration system is inseparable from the important accessories of the condenser, and Ice Ice's ice machine is no exception. The condenser can be divided into an air-cooled condenser and a water-cooled condenser according to the heat exchange mode. The air-cooled condenser circulates air through a fan to achieve cooling.

The condenser should be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will cause a reduction in the amount of ice and failure.

1. Clean the condenser fins from top to bottom with a soft brush. Do not brush left or right to avoid bending the heat sink.

2. If there is oil on the heat sink of the condenser, it can be cleaned with a certain proportion of special detergent.

3. Clean the filter with neutral soapy water or detergent to ensure that the mesh is free of dust or dirt. Depending on the quality of the environment, it is usually cleaned once every 1-2 months.

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