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Ice Making Process Of 2.5 Tons Flake Ice Machine

Mar. 27, 2019

Through the inlet valve on 2.5 Tons Flake Ice Machine, the water automatically enters a water storage tank, and then pumps water to the diverter through the water pump. The diverter pipe uniformly flows the water to the evaporator cooled by the low-temperature liquid refrigerant, and the water is cooled to the freezing point, which is cooled to the freezing point. The water will solidify into ice, and the water that has not been frozen by the evaporator flows into the water reservoir again, and the circulation is resumed by the water pump.

When the ice cube in the Start And Stop Automatically Flake Ice Machine reaches the required thickness, it enters the deicing state, and the high pressure hot gas discharged from the compressor is led to the evaporator through the reversing valve to replace the low temperature liquid refrigerant. This forms a water film between the ice cube and the evaporator, which leaves the ice cubes out of the evaporator, and the ice cubes fall freely into the ice storage tank by gravity.

2.5 Tons Flake Ice Machine

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