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Marine Sea Water Flake Ice Machine 1T/24H

  1. Ice production 1 Ton Per Day

  2. Sea Water

  3. Water Cooling System

  4. Flake Ice Thickness:1.5-2.2mm

  5. Refrigerant: R22/R404A 

  6. With PLC Controller

Product Details:

Marine Sea Water Flake Ice Machine 1T/24H

KHAKKA sea water flake ice machine ues sea water directly to make ice on the seashore or the fishing boats. The sea ice machine 

is made of SUS316 high-strength seawater corrosion-resistant material, which has high corrosion resistance and swaying resistance. 

The special body ensures the stable operation of the sea ice machine under the severe shaking of fishing boats and it is an 

indispensable partner for Marine fishing.

Features of the sea water flake ice machine

1.The seawater ice making machine is made of SUS316 high-strength seawater corrosion-resistant material.Resistance to seawate

   corrosion and longer service life of equipment,

2. The internal structure of the evaporator is simple, and the components have high universality, so the operation is reliable,

3. The ice is flake, with thickness of 1.8-2.5mm, dry, uniform thickness and sufficient yield,

4. The sea water ice making machine can release ice quickly, and it can turn on the machine for 1-3 minutes. With sufficient capacity, 

   it can effectively refrigerate the fish and seafood caught quickly,

5. PLC programmable control system is fully automatic, ice full automatically stops, ice less automatically starts up, without personnel supervision.

Sea Water Flake Ice Machine

Sea Water Flake Ice Machine

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