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How To Clean Fresh Water Flake Ice Machine To Maintain The Equipment?

Jan. 24, 2019

Proper use of the Fresh Water Flake Ice Machine can reduce the failure rate of the ice machine and increase the service life of the ice machine. Ice machine equipment also requires regular maintenance and cleaning to improve the life of the ice machine. How to clean and maintain.

1. When cleaning the Seafood Markets Flake Ice Machine, turn off the power supply. Do not use the water pipe to directly align with the body of the ice machine. Use clean water and add a proper amount of neutral detergent (do not use acidic, alkaline and other corrosive solvents). Ice machine equipment coamings and liners, then rubbed with a cloth.

2, the ice machine must be opened twice a month to open the inlet hose head, clean the inlet valve filter, to avoid the cement impurities in the water block the water inlet, the surface caused the water to become smaller, the water is not enough, the water pressure is insufficient, leading to ice making The machine does not make a machine.

3. The condenser surface must be cleaned in the second month. Do not use a sharp metal tool to clean it to avoid damaging the condenser.

4. The water pipes, sinks, storage refrigerators and protective film of the ice machine should be cleaned once every two months. When not in use, it should be cleaned, and the ice mold and the moisture in the box should be dried with a hair dryer, and placed in a place where there is no corrosive gas and air and dry, avoiding open storage.

The ice machine equipment is just like ours. It also needs regular maintenance to reduce the failure rate of the equipment and improve the service life of the ice machine equipment, so that the ice machine equipment can work better for us.

Fresh Water Flake Ice Machine

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